5 Ways to Keep a Heart Healthy in Summers.

Hot summers can cause heart attacks and strokes in individuals who are at risk of heart disease and it’s essential to keep our heart safe when the temperatures rise. The heart has to struggle a lot harder to cool itself off in hot weather. While exercise is the best medicine, it is important to take […]

Everything You Need To Know About Pediatric Cardiac Surgery.

When a child is born, it’s hard for parents to see their newborns undergoing and pediatric cardiac surgery is the most common congenital heart defect which mostly affects newborns, children, and teenager as well as the adult. Some of the heart defects that happen in children from birth can be holes in the heart, abnormal […]

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery is done only in selective cases. It is also known as Keyhole surgery or Limited Access Coronary Artery Surgery. It includes Port-Access Coronary Artery Bypass (PACAB or Port CAB) and Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (MIDCAB). For all the procedure contact Dr. Ashish Dolas, the Best Cardiac Surgeon in Pune. […]

Valvular Heart Surgery

Valvular Heart Surgery – Dr. Ashish Dolas Valvular Heart Disease starts with a recurrent throat infection and joint pains in childhood or teenage. Mostly it occurs due to Rheumatic Heart Disease. It is very common in our country. There are four valves in the human heart and in many cases, one or two valves are […]

Symptoms that indicate your child might have a Heart Problem

Paediatric Heart Problem – Dr. Ashish Dolas Dr. Ashish Dolas (Consultant Cardiac, Paediatric Cardiac Surgron, Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon) discussed the Symptoms that indicate your child might have a heart problem. We need to know that there are certain heart conditions with which children can be born, it is also called congenital heart disease. Most […]

Cardiac Surgery – Dr. Ashish Dolas

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Patients having Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) are treated by Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG). In the coronary artery, disease the patient suffers from a blockage of one or more coronary artery that plays a major role in the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart. In coronary artery bypass grafting a […]

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Safest Treatment for the Little ones: Dr. Ashish Dolas Our little patients need the most care. Our team, supported by physicians, nurses, and the best pediatric surgeon in Pune, offer our most compassionate care to these tiny tots. We offer the safest and most successful cardiac surgery in Pune. Heart surgeries are mostly done in […]

Heart Failure Surgery – Dr. Ashish Dolas

Heart Failure Surgery by Dr. Ashish Dolas What Does Heart failure mean? Heart failure is a critical situation in which the heart is unable to pump the blood around the different parts of the body properly. It is imperative to notice that proper circulation of the blood is very important for the efficient working of […]

Heart Valve Disease | Dr. Ashish Dolas

What is Heart Valve Disease? Article by Dr. Ashish Dolas Heart Valves: The heart consists of four chambers: Two atria (upper chambers) Two ventricles (lower chambers) There is a valve through which blood passes before leaving all chambers of the heart. The valves restrict the backward flow of blood. These valves are real flaps located on […]

Heart Disease Myths & Facts | Dr. Ashish Dolas

Heart Disease Myths & Facts by Dr. Ashish Dolas Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in humans nowadays. By changing lifestyle and food habits, we can prevent it at least to some extent. There are loads of misunderstandings about heart disease. Also, beliefs in these outdated opinions can increase the risk. […]