Beating Heart Bypass Surgery_Dr. Ashish Dolas_Cardiac Surgeon in Pune

Beating heart coronary artery bypass surgery helps to improve the lives of tens of thousands of people every year.

During beating heart bypass surgery, your heart continues to beat. You will not be put on a heart-lung machine. The part of your heart the surgeon works on is held still by a tissue stabilizer.

While procedures may vary from hospital to hospital, after your surgery, you will be monitored closely in the intensive care unit (ICU). Once you have been stabilized and are alert, you will be transferred to a step-down unit where you will stay until discharge.


First, the surgeon removes a section of a healthy vein or artery from an area of your body. It is called a graft. The surgeon attaches one end of the graft to an area of the heart above the blockage in your artery. The other end is attached to an area of your coronary artery below the blockage. Once the graft is attached, blood flow to your heart is restored.

The challenge in beating heart CABG surgery is that it can be difficult to suture or “sew” on a beating heart. The surgeon must use a “stabilization” system to keep the heart steady. The stabilization system consists of a heart positioner and a tissue stabilizer. The heart positioner guides and holds the heart in a position that provides the best access to the blocked arteries. The tissue stabilizer holds a small area of the heart still while a surgeon works on it.